Medical Facial Treatment

  • 29.08.2019

Medical Skin Care;

 Everyone has different skin types and different skin problems.  First, skin analysis is performed to determine the care or treatment according to the problem of the person.  For these different situations in skin care, skin care products and devices and personalized care should be provided according to the needs of the skin.

 The main purpose is to clean the skin and purify the damages caused by the environment to give the skin a healthy and bright appearance.

 Drying of the skin occurs with advancing age.  As collagen production and cell renewal slows down, the skin remains unprotected against external factors.  When the skin is dry, it destroys the natural protective lipid barrier. This reduces the skin's defense against external factors.  It causes reactions such as itching and redness. Since collagen and elastin proteins are reduced, there are lines and sagging on the skin due to dehydration and dryness.

 Skin care should be done with products suitable for the person by performing skin analysis.  The skin, which acts as a barrier against environmental factors, only gains a healthy and beautiful appearance when appropriate products and correct treatments are applied.

 Smoking, alcoholic beverages and certain medications are some conditions that can easily affect sensitivity and cause skin problems.

 The effects of regenerating, firming and restorative care products such as serums, night creams, creasing hormonal creams can be achieved with medical skin care.  The use of products suitable for the skin in appropriate doses helps to delay healthy care, treatment and aging, while helping to prevent damages caused by cosmetic materials on our skin.

 Medical Skin Care

 Medical skin care;

 Regulating skin's oil and moisture balance,

 Skin aging signs,

 To eliminate superficial acne and acne problems,

 In the correction of hereditary skin disorders,



 Freckles and spots,

 Skin cracks,

 Acne and skin lubrication,

 Elasticity losses,

 It is used in pregnant women or women taking birth control pills.

 What should be done after medical skin care?

 It is very important to moisturize the skin regularly after medical skin care.  Especially after showering, it is good to cream the skin while the body is moist.  After skin care, it is necessary to be protected from UV rays that damage our skin.  High-protection sunscreens should be used for this. In this way, skin problems and wrinkles will be minimized.  Hard Ph-grade soaps, alcohol-containing substances, brushes and pouches should not be used.

 How Many Sessions Should Medical Skin Care Have?

 Medical skin care should be done no more than twice a month.  The normal construction period should be between forty-five days and a month.  Regular medical skin care is recommended to avoid skin problems. Each session of medical skin care is on average between forty-five minutes and a half hours.  The application time depends on the condition of the skin problem, the need of the skin and the intensity of the black spots.

 Benefits of Medical Skin Care

 When are the effects of medical skin care seen?

 If your skin care is carried out by experts, the effects begin to be seen very quickly.  From the first session of medical skin care, the skin begins to look brighter and healthier.  The layers of the skin are further cleansed at each session of skin care, and after each session the effects begin to increase.

 There is no pain or pain in medical skin care.  Just because of skin irritation, you may experience burning for a while.



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