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  • 29.08.2019



 Quality of South Korea Medical, Health and Cosmetic Products

 While the power of Far East in health and aesthetic tourism has been accepted by the world for many years, the rapidly growing medical, health and cosmetic sector in South Korea has recently influenced the world.  South Korea has achieved a spectacular growth of 1500% in the cosmetics industry in the last 15 years, while the interest in the country's culture and habits is increasing day by day. The growth rate of China, one of the giants of the cosmetics market, is 10%, while the figure in South Korea in the same periodical comparison is around 30%.

 In South Korea, which is one of the trendsetting countries in the medical, health and cosmetic sector, the products that offer multi-purpose usage are in demand with their quality and variety.

 South Korea, which became one of the most important cosmetic exporters in the world due to its product variety and quality, sold maintenance products worth $ 1.8 billion to 133 countries in 2014.  The lion's share among these products is skin care products and makeup products. Korean cosmetics, which have become a brand in the world, are known as “K-Beauty..


 It would not be wrong to say that skin care has become obsessive for them because looking and feeling good for Korean women are complementary to each other.  Let us say that women routinely use 14 - 18 different products in one day. In a country where the appearance is so prominent, manufacturers have to produce products that are suitable for this.  In the culture of the country from the past, le Traditional Medical Treatment Methods ürün and the products they produce with such materials have contributed greatly to the creation of a unique cosmetic culture of the country.

 In Korean cosmetics, facial creams made from snail secretion are very popular in the country.  The seaweed facial mask, which is spent about two hours, is one of the maintenance methods repeated every week by Koreans.  Anti-wrinkle creams, whiteners and anti-aging products made with traditional medical treatment products contributed greatly to the country's creation of a unique cosmetic culture.  In addition, Jeju Island Volcanic Clay, Soybeans, Traditional Korean remedies, Aloe Vera, Seaweeds, Exotic Elements hatta

 Facial masks are one of the most fashionable products of recent years in South Korea.  Manufacturers, brands of plant extracts are among the most famous products. Masks of products containing bee venom and snail secretion are also among the most preferred.  Broccoli creams that give the skin a strong shine with its rich vegetable extract are among the most popular healthy products. It is known that products containing cranberries and olive oil in the beginning of make-up removal products in Korea prevent the skin to stretch and stay dry.


 The Boryeong Mud Festival is the festival that attracts the most foreign tourists in South Korea.  The festival, which is one of the best opportunities to benefit from the useful properties of the mud, has many activities within the program.  Special exhibitions are organized, as well as activities such as mud baths, mud slides and concerts. The mud cosmetic products exhibition is the most interesting of these.  The festival, which is held in July, lasts 10 days in total. The 18th mud festival in 2016 takes place on Daecheon Beach, South Korea's largest west coast.



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