hat exactly is the Hyaluron Pen?
The Hyaluron Pen is a fairly simple device that provides sufficient pressure to initiate the Hyaluron Acid mixture on human skin. However, it is by no means a miracle solution that will make lips lush and beautiful or remove all wrinkles. It is a device that transfers the vital fluid to the human skin when it comes to anti-aging and beauty.
When it comes to Hyaluron Pen, as mentioned earlier, it is not a great solution. First of all, you have to be quite realistic when it comes to the results you expect. Since we have tested different Hyaluron Pens a lot, we can confirm that some good results can be achieved when it comes to different areas of the face. When it comes to filling lips, yes, the results can be excellent if the student has a good education, what shape they are after, and the use of a quality filler. However, it should be noted that only trained professionals should conduct treatment. Therefore, under no circumstances do we encourage anyone to try this procedure just because they have not had the proper preparation, license or training.
Are there any restrictions for the customer?
Of course there is. However, they are not so much related to health risks (though for these) and they are about meeting the client's expectations. As we know, there are different wrinkle categories and it's a pretty bad idea to take the Hyaluron Pen and tell naive customers that these can be fixed. The skin swells a little at first, then the effects last for a few weeks, maybe a month, and the situation will appear as before - better, not worse. Therefore, we classify the Hyaluron Pen as more a solution to aesthetically improve its appearance and not fight the effects of aging. When it comes to lips, the treatment is usually offered with some pigmentation (of course done after lips heal after filling) and results look great.
What could go wrong?
As with absolutely all beauty treatments, a lot can always go wrong. However, the risks are lower compared to injecting fillers. First, the filler mix - top quality, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, of course, if it's permanent, then you have a good start (please also make sure which fillers can be used in your country). When it comes to using the pen, the pain is really surprisingly low - it almost does not hurt as much as injecting, so many people who came for the procedure and feared refilling the injected Hyaluronic Acid have been pleasantly surprised. . Nowadays it is quite difficult to cause Necroses with the Hyaluron Pen and there are many reasons for this. Still, Herpes, Hypersensitivity etc. In cases, the procedure (such as all lip-related procedures) should be avoided.






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